Last updated: 07/22/2007

July 21, 2007 flight over Philly suburbs, Lancaster and Chester counties

Dusty and I flew out from Brandywine Airport (KOQN) along Rt. 30, and then south from there for some photos of Ardrossan. I flew, she took the pictures! Next, we flew to Lancaster (KLNS) for lunch. The shot of the terminal building was from a ten foot hover just before I turned into the wind to set down the helicopter. When we departed, the tower cleared me to depart from where I was (the grass opposite the west ramp) over the taxiway, and then east. Along our route of flight were this quarry just east of KLNS, and a cemetery.

Dusty wanted to see St. Mary's which is a mansion built by a relative of Joseph Potts, of Pottstown fame. The mansion is now used to house elderly nuns. Before getting to St. Mary's Dusty got pictures of somebody's house (!), the mansion at Himernia County Park, and Struble Lake, a recreational area just to the west. We then flew out over the Glenmmore area to see Springton Manor, an estate which is now part of a county park.

Last we flew over the area where we live. The pictures are of the Great Swamp which is the start of Marsh Creek, one of our neighbor's house, an unidentified new house, Welkinweir, an estate which is now protected from development, and finally, the old Birchrunville general store which is now a restaurant, and which still houses a small post office.