Last updated: 09/26/2007

Flight to Cape May, September 25, 2007

The weather being nice yesterday, we flew to Cape May county airport (KWWD). About ten miles out, we encountered clouds at the 800' I was flying at. These were the remains of the morning fog. I lowered the collective and dropped down to 600' which took us about 100' under the clouds. After a few miles the clouds went away. Rather than simply entering the pattern and landing, we continued south along the west side of the cape, around it, and then to the airport. There was no traffic so I set up my approach parallel to 28 over the taxiway, landing directly on Big Sky's ramp. They were extremely nice and directed me to a place where I wouldn't blow all those little airplanes off the ramp.

We had a bit of headwind coming in, so I had the lineman add another 10 gallons of avgas. By the time I paid for the gas, the cab they had called was waiting, and we went into downtown Cape May. We wandered around for a while, and decided to eat at an outdoor eatery that featured southwest food. Geckos turned out to have really, really good, if spicy, food.

Afterwards, we took a cab back to the airport and headed home. Dusty got some nice pictures, culminating in a great shot of the Delaware River just south of the Commadore Barry bridge.

There are pictures of my fellow pilot Anthony's favority objects -- the ferry, the concrete ship and the bunker. There's even pictures of a sand mine and crop circles! Enjoy...