Last updated: 06/24/2007

June 23, 2007 Flight to the Tidewater Grille, Havre de Grace, MD

Fellow pilot John Taylor had tipped me off about the Tidewater Grille. Since the weather was beautiful, we decided to fly down there and try out the crab cakes, which were reputed to be really good.

For those interested in such things, click below for the route of flight:

Click for flight route

I asked Dusty to take pictures with my camara, and she did a great job! The first set shows the approach into the helipad at the restaurant. Notice that in the second picture, we are below the top of a big tower (not uncommon in the helicopter world). The last picture shows an unimpressed retriever.

After some really, really good crab cakes, I fired up the engine and did a vetical takeoff for the trip back home. The picture of the Philly skyline and the Limerick cooling towers are unusual in that there are each take 30 miles out or more (not the typical wast coast summer poor visibility). As we approached Brandywine Airport, some of the aircraft on static display for "Aviation Day" were visable, along with our R22 hovering over the taxiway, flown by John. The last picture shows us flying between the hangars to put the ship to bed.