Last updated: 09/21/2007

Wilmington (KILG) ATC Tower BBQ

Earlier in the week, my friend John heard that theControllers at Wilmington were going to have a BBQ on thursday, and that they welcomed pilots from other airports. Now every red-blooded American pilot will fly almost anywhere for free food! The two of us included. John is a retired National Guard Huey pilot, instructor, and examiner (check airman), and KILG was his old home turf. I should also mention that John is the poor soul who turned me loose on the world as a helicopter pilot!

In order for me to get some pictures, John flew our R44 down, and I flew us back. After having some eats (pretty good food, too), they took us on a tour of the tower. The picture of our R44, parked on taxiway C, was taken from the tower. I really like these kinds of things -- it's a chance for Air Traffic Control to discover that pilots are human, and for pilots to discover that ATC is human.