Pinelands in the Fog

When I got up this morning there was a heavy fog. I thought that it might be fun to get some pictures of familiar areas in unfamiliar circumstances. I drove down Carranza Road from scenic downtown Tabernacle, and stopped at where the Batsto and Skit cross it, then down to the Skit Bridge upstream from there, then parked at Friendship and wandered that area and the bogs.

I decided that because the images struck me so dramatically, that black & white would be more fun than color. In other words, neither your computer nor my site are broken -- these are B&W images (and we hardly ever see B&W and more).

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The first set is from Carranza Road looking at the Batsto and Skit.

The next photos are from the area upstream on the Skit from Carranza. The beaver dam is near the Batona Campground.

The next set is from the immediate area of Friendship and includes the bogs up the Shane Branch, and some of the ruins of the town.

The final set is from the southeastern bogs and the southern-most reservoir. Note that the Tundra swans are back!