Last updated: 06/18/2007

New Jersey Pine Barrens

Atsion and Friendship (air)

Atsion foliage

Friendship Bogs in the fog

Friendship Bogs from the ground

Gallery (original)

Gallery (later)

Great Swamp

Hampton Furnace (air)

Lunar eclipse

Mountain laurel

Pine Barrens in winter (air)


Snowfall II

Tundra swans at Friendship

Tundra swans at Whitesbog


Outdoor Club of South Jersey (OCSJ)

Atsion and Friendship

The Boat in the woods

Christmas hike

Deep Run exploration

Lower Forge

Martha Furnace hike

New Years Day hike 2001

Penn Swamp exploration


DeMarco property

(Note, the second gallery contains addition PBX pictures)

My 60th birthday (included a helicopter ride!)

My very first airplane